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Five Facts About Senior Home Care to Keep in Mind

Senior Home Care in Snow Hill NC
Senior Home Care in Snow Hill NC

Your dad lives alone and wants to keep it that way. He dislikes the idea of moving to a new community, and you’d like to ensure his wishes are met. You’ve heard of senior home care and want to know more. These five facts are important to keep in mind.

Caregivers Come as Often as You Schedule

Senior home care services do not have to be a daily thing. Your dad may just need a helping hand stripping his bed each week and doing the laundry. He might just want company while he goes to the grocery store.

Senior Home Care Assists With a Range of Daily Tasks

Caregivers may help your dad with a lot more than you realize. Sure, they can help him with showers and getting dressed. They can also clean his house, do the laundry, and change his bedding and towels when needed.

They’re also there for companionship and can join him on walks around his neighborhood or a local park. His caregivers can help him walk his dog, pick produce from his garden, and schedule appointments.

Your dad’s caregiver can check in each week to ensure he has the groceries he needs, that his AC or heat is working correctly, and that he’s collecting and organizing his mail. His caregiver keeps him company, which can be a good way to avoid being scammed. If he has company, he’s less likely to want to talk to a stranger on the phone.

Caregivers Support Without Taking Over

The role of a caregiver is to provide the support your dad needs to remain independent without taking over everything. If he’s able to shower on his own, his caregiver isn’t going to insist on helping him out. If the caregiver feels your dad’s becoming less stable, you’ll be alerted and have the chance to increase services and get him to the doctor to uncover what’s going on.

Family Caregivers Also Benefit From Home Care

There’s a service with home care that benefits family caregivers. You’re with your dad all day, every day, and it gets exhausting. You want time to yourself. A service called respite care is the perfect solution.

Take a few hours or a few days off and enjoy the break. While you’re away, your dad has a caregiver with him to help out.

Your Dad Won’t Be Left Alone on a Day Senior Home Care is Scheduled

If a caregiver is scheduled to help your dad and is ill or can’t start a car, your dad won’t be left alone unexpectedly. The senior home care agency will dispatch a replacement caregiver or supervisor to help your dad until his usual caregiver is well again or can get a ride.

Is senior home care right for your dad? If you know it will help him maintain his independence, it’s time to arrange the services that match his needs. Talk to a senior home care specialist to discuss arrangements and prices.

If you or an aging loved one are considering senior home care in Snow Hill, NC, please contact the caring staff at East Carolina Home Care today. Call (252) 321-5510.

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